Add Rustic Kitchen Tables To Your Home For A Casual Country Look

Kitchen Tables

If you have decided to get creative with your kitchen furniture design and are opting for rustic kitchen tables, you have many wonderful styles from which to choose.Rustic farmhouse inspired design is extremely popular so you should have no problem finding many incredible styles from which to draw inspiration, an example being classic farmhouse kitchen tables. The hardest part of your decorating dilemma may very well be choosing just one look for your room.

Materials of Kitchen Tables

One option that can lend a rustic look to your home is to opt for antique pine kitchen tables. As you are dealing with antiques, selection can vary but the patina and character that an antique pine table adds to your room is unmistakable. You can just imagine the many family meals that have taken place atop an antique pine table over the years. Styles are often a little larger in scale although there are occasionally smaller options that can be found too. A creative way to work this style into your home is to opt for a series of unmatched kitchen chairs that coordinate with your  table. You can opt for two matching chairs with arms at either end and then select quirky chairs without arms to surround your table. Painting or staining all of the chairs in one color ties the entire look together and allows the antique pine table to be the showstopper center of attention.

Shapes, Sizes, and Designs for Kitchen Tables

Another rustic choice that you can consider is counter height kitchen tables. These bistro kitchen tables still have a casual country appearance to them yet the taller height allows you to incorporate a variety of bar stools to upgrade the look. The juxtaposition of a casual country bistro table set against an upscale stool is quite striking. A wooden table looks quite impressive when combined with tufted leather stools. You can also opt for mismatched wooden stools and then stain them to match your table. Distress the edges to add a worn look and you will have showroom style with a casual twist. Add a few decorative touches around the room to complete the look and you will have a room that will likely become the gathering center of your home. When a room has a warm homey feel to it, these tables center the room and become great gathering tables.  If you don’t want to use an elevated table, a round pedestal table is a reasonable alternative;using a round kitchen table often makes cleaning much easier.

Opting for farmhouse-inspired furnishings is a wonderful way to give a nod to design styles of the past while still incorporating your own sense of personal style into your room. With just a few well-placed decorative accessories to complement those stylish kitchen tables, you can create a room that not only inspires but also makes you feel completely at home at the same time.

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