Buying Black Chandeliers with Crystals and Glass


Black Chandeliers

Black chandeliers can be used as elegant center pieces to any room. Traditionally black crystal chandeliers and glass chandeliers have predominantly been used in dining rooms and ballrooms; however modern interior designers have embraced this dazzling interior lighting fixture and it can now be seen in almost every sort of room. Black chandeliers can often be divided into two different categories, gothic chandeliers and modern deco chandeliers. Both types of black chandeliers can create strong elegant statements. Choosing between the two mostly depends on what choices you have made in the rest of the decor of your home and which type of black chandelier will best fit in with your current interior design.

Gothic Black Chandeliers

Gothic Chandeliers have become increasingly popular since the the vampire craze. The use of black chandeliers as TV and movie props in Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and Twilight has significantly increased their popularity. These elegantly designed chandeliers can be used to create a mysterious and dramatic element in any room. This dramatic look can be increased by removing several of the lights or dimming the lighting of the chandelier. An alternative to dimming the lights of your black chandelier is to use candle chandeliers, which create a stunningly dramatic effect as the flames flicker on the walls. Jet black chandeliers used in Gothic decor are often made of wrought iron to creating a heavier feel in the piece. Though some black chandeliers are devoid of additional materials, classics like black crystal chandeliers and black glass chandeliers are still popular choices for Gothic style Chandeliers. There use of multi-faceted crystal or glass drops can create a dazzling effect.

Deco Black Chandeliers

Black deco chandeliers are on the other side of the spectrum of black chandeliers. These lighting fixtures are designed to be included in modern interior designs. This style of decor focuses on clean sharp lines, strong simple shapes, and black matte finishes. These ideals are incorporated into deco chandeliers. These chandeliers forgo the dangling faceted crystals seen used in Gothic crystal chandeliers and rely more on their form to express the mood of the room. Often these chandeliers can be accompanied by other lamps and lighting in the room. A popular choice of additional interior lighting is the use of black sconces.  These wall-hung light fixtures will add more style and light to a room, but should not be over used, because black chandeliers should always remain the center of attention in every room.


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