Buying Unfinished Wood Furniture

Old Door Box Table, unfinished wood furniture

A homeowner can enhance the look of a room or home by incorporating the unique aesthetic of unfinished wood furniture (the area may be rustic-themed or otherwise) as this type of furniture imparts a unique feeling of warmth to the space surrounding it.

You can purchase an old piece of unfinished solid wood furniture outright from a brick-and-mortar store, do it yourself and refinish an existing unpainted furniture piece bought at a farmer’s market, or have one made from scratch. Whatever your choice may be, unfinished wood furniture is sure to add to the feel of a country home by complementing the other pieces that surround it, or artfully contrast with the furnishings in an eclectic-style space.

Saving Money on Unfinished Wood Furniture

If you’re thinking about redecorating a room or giving it some punch without spending thousands of dollars on a designer buy, you may be able to buy a replica or have bare ready to finish furniture custom-made to your tastes. This way, you’ll be sure that what you get contrasts well or blends well into the theme of your room or home. This method works best if your dining room set is missing a couple of chairs, for example, or if you want great-looking furniture without shelling out a fortune.

You can stretch your dollars even further by buying cheap unfinished wood furniture from a flea market, swap meet, or similar venue – the good thing is, your purchase doesn’t have to be an exact match in terms of color or finish. If that piece of furniture doesn’t seem to fit in with the other things in your space, you can always refinish or resand it at little to no cost, provided that you have the D.I.Y. skills. Don’t have the courage to touch that sofa and give it a tweak? A handyman can do the work in no time.

Using Unfinished Wood Furniture

This type of furniture can be quite versatile, as it can appeal to the sense of style of those who aren’t into the rustic theme. Aside from a well-chosen piece fitting into a room that has a mish-mash of influences, unfinished furniture can also serve to boost the look of a minimalist room or a Zen- or Japanese-themed space, particularly for a minimalist bedroom or outdoor area. Having unfinished real wood dressers, chests, tv stands, and beds can give this effect.  Unfurnished furniture can also serve as a conversation piece or focal point if used in a room with a unified style or theme. For this, desks, cabinets, or bookcases in a home office can provide the perfect piece.  There’s a lot you can do with unfinished wood furniture, no matter what your budget is or what your existing space looks like – let your imagination be your guide.

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