Choosing a Study Table for Kids

Beach House Kids Room with study table

A sturdy bed study table can be a great addition to any young one’s bedroom or play area. A younger child can paint, draw, or play blocks on one, while an older child can surf the Net or finish homework on it.Study tables come in a wide range of materials, styles, and prices – it can prove difficult to find one because of all the options available. Before you scour the markets or go online, here are a few tips on how to find the best study table for your child’s needs.

Things to Think About When Picking a Study Table

How old is your child? Pick your bedroom furniture according to your child’s age. This means that a kids study table shouldn’t have any sharp corners, nor should it tip over easily. The size of the furniture should be suited to your child, of course – toddlers should have undersized baby furniture for safety and ease of use, while older pre-teens may use full-sized pieces. The material and finish of the study table should also be chosen with your child’s age in mind. Stained wooden tabletops may sometimes be easily marred by a three-year-old’s markers, while the same finish may be just fine for a ten-year-old.

Choose a study table and chair that blends in or works well with your child’s bedroom, playroom, or study area. Make sure it goes well with the bedding, rugs, lighting, and other decor accents in the room.  If your child’s room has an eclectic feel to it, a bright green desk might work with the rest of the room’s quirky pieces. However, a study chair made of unfinished honey-blond wood doesn’t need to be stripped and refinished to fit in with the rest of the light-colored pieces in another room. Note: if that well-crafted flea-market find would look better in a different color, you can always repaint it at the cost of a few dollars.

Study Table for Less

Is the price right? If you’re on a tight budget and want to spiffy up your child’s room for less, you can go online and browse through Ikea or posts on Internet auction sites where it’s sold wholesale. You can also go to swap meets and similar venues for furniture that won’t cost you upwards of a hundred dollars. If you have unused furniture or other materials lying around, you may be able to recycle and repurpose them. A little research, some paint or varnish, and some elbow grease can help you turn that old headboard into a bed study table – all you need is some time and not a lot of money.

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