The Beauty and Warmth of a Farmhouse Table

Two rustic farmhouse tables - Apt. Orciaia, Montalbino

When it comes to finding the perfect furnishings for your home, much of what you choose will be determined by the décor or theme you are trying to create. Many people like the look and feel of a country, european cottage inspired home because it usually has a feeling of peace and relaxation, giving a casual, family friendly air.  Adding a farmhouse table can do just that.

Uses for a Farmhouse Table

A farmhouse table provides a rustic look and feel to any room, evoking the mood of harvest tables and old pine tables. The farm table can be used to place a lamp or some decorative object, or it might be used as a side table to hold books and other odds and ends. No matter how it is used, it is an item that is functional and not purely decorative. The same is true with a farmhouse coffee table. This is a piece of furniture that immediately lets people know they can relax.

Have you ever been in someone’s home and felt like you were sitting in a museum? These picture perfect homes look fabulous, but they tend not to be very warm and cozy. However, when you sit down at a farmhouse dining table or walk into a kitchen and see the farmhouse kitchen table, with this kind of country table and its chairs you know you are being invited to relax, unwind and not worry about maintaining a showcase home.  One can also add bright  lamps to these dining tables to further set this mood and complete the dining collection.

This type of fine furniture, comprised of mostly wood light brown tables and chairs, is often very rugged and will stand up to many years of use without showing the typical signs of wear one might expect with pieces that are more sophisticated. Country farmhouse tables can be an ideal choice for families or anyone who is trying to create the heartwarming atmosphere of an old-time country home.

Considerations When Buying a Farmhouse Table

These pieces are becoming more and more popular and the country or farmhouse look given by these old wood tables remains extremely desirable. Today, there are a number of great quality reproduction pieces that can be found in most home furnishing stores as well as unfinished furniture stores. If you choose unfinished furniture, you will have the opportunity to finish all of your pieces so that they match and create a unified look throughout your home. However, if you are looking for authentic or antique farmhouse tables, you will usually be most successful if you check through local auction houses. In fact, heading to some of the outlying small towns for an afternoon auction can be one of the best ways to pick up this style of furniture.  Another option is to go to a carpenter who makes handcrafted custom farm tables.

Regardless if you choose new or authentic pieces that have been used for years, you will be able to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home when buying a farmhouse table.

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