Finding Antique Tables And Chairs For Sale at the Flea Market

Flea Market

Flea market shopping for antique tables and chairs will often yield great finds and treasures especially if you know how to choose the right pieces. Knowing which pieces are worth buying and which should be let go are important skills any bargain hunter should master.There are ways to spot prized antique oak tables and chairs,  and these often involves knowing the quality of the wood, knowing the kind of craftsmanship put into making the pieces, and knowing which repairs can be worth doing.Choosing Antique Tables and ChairsWhen it comes to tables, it is important to look at the present condition of the piece. Tables made of solid wood such as cherry, oak or mahogany are all great finds just by the wood alone. These pieces tend to last for decades and make great heirloom items especially if you know how to care for them. Another important tip is to look for any defects which need fixing such as broken legs, loose nails or screws, or cracks on the wood. Minor defects such as loose nails can be fixed easily. Broken legs, on the other hand, can be harder to fix and may require the attention of a professional woodworker.When choosing flea market chairs, the wood should still be a top consideration. It is a good idea to stick to chairs made of solid wood and forgo those made of cheaper wood alternatives since these tend to break down easily. It is still important to look at the sturdiness of the chair by putting one’s weight down to see if it wobbles. It is also important to note the upholstery. If there are any repairs needed, one can easily reupholster or have a professional do the job. Antique oak tables and chairs tend to cost more than your average IKEA furniture, but the longevity of these pieces of furniture is what makes them great investment pieces. One can also find great bar tables and chairs, as well as bistro tables and chairs, in most farmers’ markets. Because of the unique looks of bar tables and chairs, they make great additions to any boring kitchen or dining room.One can find great furniture pieces in farmers’ markets and flea markets. Rustic tables and chairs that are made of quality wood are great finds that will work well with any room, whether it is the living room or the kitchen. As long as you know what pieces are worth buying and which ones to let go, one can easily come away with wooden furniture that will last for years to come.

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