How to Buy Furniture for Less

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Sprucing up a room or any other space in your home can be easy on the pocket if you buy furniture for less. Imagine your bedroom with a vintage chandelier, the den with a flea-market sofa, or the bathroom with a refurbished full-length mirror! You can even transform your small backyard into a relaxing space with refinished wicker furniture and a few throw pillows. The possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming the look and feel of any home area, and the best thing is you don’t need a lot of cash if you buy furniture for less.

You can find discount home furnishings for less than one would normally pay for similar pieces in garage sales, flea markets, or swap meets for a fraction of what you’d have to pay at retail. You can also find furniture for less online at places like ebay.  What you’ll need to do before you scout these venues is this: think about the existing space within which you’ll be using your newly-bought furniture. Does it fit in the space? Will it suit the use of that particular area? Is it going to blend in with the rest of the pieces in the room? If the piece you’re eyeing doesn’t satisfy the first two questions, move on. If it doesn’t answer the last question with a resounding “yes,” the fan of farmers furniture or the rustic, country theme can always do a little bit of good old-fashioned do-it-yourself work.

If you don’t think your new purchase is going to fit in with the rest of the items in your home, you may be able to repurpose it into something else. For example, a wooden frame that’s too tiny for your study can be turned into an ornate side table (with some materials and woodworking know-how). You could also transform that threadbare sofa in your living room into a jazzy and comfy conversation starter with some quirky upholstery. Some other purchases can be brought back to life much easier – possibly with a fresh coat of paint or varnish – and liven up a stuffy old room. Don’t have the skills or courage to fix that armchair? For a fee, you could always go through the classified ads and find a pro to help you out, and still spend much less than you would on new “old” furniture.  This is how to really end up with furniture for less.

Tired of how your back porch looks with plastic lawnchairs and moldy cushions? If you have a dogged persistence and eye for detail (and a bargain), you don’t have to spend a fortune to turn a cheap buy into a gem – spice up any area in your home with furniture for less.

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